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One Stream in Bristol

Sep 19, 2022

Hey peeps. A slightly solemn podcast on today's day of mourning. We actually discuss the positivity of the performances this week, despite the results. Josh's computer also restarts half way through. This is classic OSIB. You won't get this sorta thing anywhere else. Anywhere.

Sep 15, 2022

Me and Fevs have a right old butchers of various players' names, film titles and general knowledge on this mid-week episode of OSIB. Are you funnier than us two? Get in touch @osibpodmag if so. Maybe you can host the next episode!

Sep 4, 2022

I'm joined by, the triumphantly returning, Rob and Paul to discuss yesterday's game. We talk up Scott Conway, as we should. I can't remmeber what else we talked about. All quite silly though, as it should be. Hope you're doing well x

Sep 1, 2022

Stanley is joined by Dave (Fevs) on this midweek episode of OSIB. We discuss Huddersfield, Nathan Baker and being gluten free. I can't honestly remember much else, I'm back at work from today after six weeks off. I haven't missed work, I'm quite tired. Good night x