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One Stream in Bristol

Jan 31, 2021

Pete and Jamie join me to discuss how much we all enjoyed the Derby match. Was Owura Edwards the only positive? What actually IS our recruitment strategy? Are we going to get battered at Brentford?

Jan 27, 2021

Josh and Dave join me to discuss the Huddersfield game. How undeserved were our three points? Can Palmer and Diedhiou play together? Why are all our left backs injured? Do we really hate Mark Ashton?

Jan 24, 2021

Rob and Pete join me to discuss the fantastic win against Millwall. Just how good was Semenyo's goal? Is Owura Edwards City's best ever player? Rob talks to us about his run in with the police outside the Den.

Jan 21, 2021

Paul and Josh join me to discuss the loss to Norwich. Despite it being an unlikely source of joy we agree that you'd at least expect a shot on goal! Why is Nahki Wells still being played out wide? Can you expect any sort of result against a top side with the midfield we played? Should swearing be bleeped?

Jan 17, 2021

Pete and Dave join me to discuss the fabulous result against Preston. Who is in their best form since joining? Just how good is Zak Vyner playing? Should we be worried about so many contracts expiring in the summer?