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One Stream in Bristol

Jun 28, 2020

Pete, Stanley and Josh team up to talk about Bristol City's disappointing defeat at home to Sheffield Wednesday. As per usual the gang decipher LJ's pre and post-match comments until they truly understand the meaning. We also find out what Gregor MacGregor puts in his sandwich and what Harryfood ate for lunch today....

Jun 21, 2020

Jamie and Dave join Stanley to discuss the 3-1 loss to Blackburn. Crowdies, Sandwiches and the Notorious B.I.G also get a mention. Hope you're all not too depressed after the result and have the desire to listen to OSIB!

Jun 13, 2020

Stanley is joined by Paul aka The Exiled Robin, Pete and Gregor MacGregor to discuss the rest of the season. They also chat about the refund options given by the club and what their ideal meal deals are.

Jun 5, 2020

Pete and Stanley are joined by former City defender Liam Fontaine. We talk through his career and time at Ashton Gate. From starting out as a youngster at Fulham, his five spells under Gary Johnson and his time in Scotland.