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One Stream in Bristol

Nov 28, 2021

Hey everyone! That was crap... Here's me and Pete discussing it all. Quite a funny episode I'd say. I do love being silly sometimes. Hopefully you all enjoy it despite the additional silliness. I know I didn't enjoy the game, hopefully the podcast is far less frustrating.

Nov 25, 2021

Another game, another episode of OSIB. This time joined by Adam Baker and Brendon Mitchell to discuss the win against Stoke. Just how good were Benarous and Scott? Do Martin and Weimann compliment each other? Is Harry food reaching the end of his life cycle?

Nov 21, 2021

Hey osiblings, new episode is here. Joe and David Lloyd join me to discuss what I thought was a great point against Blackburn. The second half wasn't as great as the first, but an impressive end to the game nonetheless. Apologies for shite voice quality, I need a new laptop.

Nov 7, 2021

Hello listeners, Rob and Pete join me this weekend. What a woeful performance that was yesterday! We try out best to work out what happened, what needs to happen and what will happen. Pearson out? For some, yes!

Nov 4, 2021

Just me, on my own, feeling shite. Back to normal next episode.