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One Stream in Bristol

Mar 20, 2022

Hey. Me and Dave talk about the WBA game. Sort of... We'd much rather talk about the blaring samba band outside. Plus I tell a reaosnably amusing vomit story. 

Mar 17, 2022

Hey everyone, sorry this is a day late. George joins me to chat about Barnsley.

Mar 13, 2022

Despite an unforgettable win for City yesterday, the podcast still does a good job of remaining silly and inane. 200 episodes and you'd think we'd know better by now. I'm joined by Rob and debutant Rich to discuss the Blackburn game. I had a great time.

Mar 6, 2022

Hey, I'm joined by Pete and Rob to discuss the loss to Birmingham. It was depressing, are we numb to crap performances by now? I probably am...