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One Stream in Bristol

Mar 27, 2021

Something slightly different to help you get through the international break. Jon Beavis, the drummer from Bristol-band IDLES joins us! We discuss the band's meteoric rise, the years of misery it took to get there, his favourite gigs and his inability to stage-dive. Not a huge amount of Bristol City chat in this...

Mar 21, 2021

Dave and Pete join me to discuss yet another woeful home performance from City. Should turds have spines? What is it that causes us to play so poorly at Ashton Gate? Does Diedhiou still want to be here? Does it matter if Seven Nation Army got binned? All these questions are poorly answered on this week's episode of OSIB.

Mar 18, 2021

Nothing quite like a nil-nil draw is there! Adam Baker and the returning Mike Starling join me to discuss the dull-fest that was Wednesday's game. If Diedhiou is leaving why is he starting every game? How big is this summer transfer-wise? Is Max O'Leary the best number two in the championship?

Mar 14, 2021

Pete and David Lloyd join me to discuss the fabulous win against Birmingham in the BCFC derby. We do nothing special to celebrate 150 episodes of OSIB. Oh well! We talk about how good Kasey Palmer played and who else pushed him for MOTM. Has Semenyo benefited from the lack of fans? 

Mar 7, 2021

Pete and Rob join me to discuss a disappointing performance vs QPR. Is the squad getting complacent? Are concussions the new hamstrings? What is going on with Pete's magic wardrobe?