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One Stream in Bristol

May 29, 2020

This Friday's guest is ex-City striker Aaron Wilbraham, the boys talk through Alby's career from start to finish. He brings up some great moments from his time at City and discusses his early career at Stockport. We're on target to put one of these out every week so make sure you're sharing it with all your pals who may...

May 22, 2020

Stanley and Pete are joined by ex-City fullback Bradley Orr. Bradley talks us through his entire career and picks out some absolute gem moments. I particularly enjoyed his re-telling of Leroy Lita's kung fu revenge. Him running through his day at Wembley also stands out. Glad you're all still enjoying listening to OSIB...

May 15, 2020

Stanley and Pete chat with ex-City striker Leroy Lita over Zoom. They discuss his entire footballing career and Leroy brings up some absolute belters for stories. We're going to try and bring you a new interview with an ex-player every Friday evening from now until we get bored!

May 9, 2020

Stanley is joined by Gregor MacGregor, Pete Hinton and Dave Skinner to talk about all sorts of nonsense. Nazi Megastructures, Faketaxi and Ketchup are all mentioned in this episode. Hope you're all doing well and trying your best to enjoy lockdown!