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One Stream in Bristol

Feb 23, 2020

No idea what this episode should be called, nothing really stood out as funny or memorable. That's slightly disappointing, cheers to Pete and Dave for being on. We discuss safe standing, WBA and Harry food as always. 

Feb 16, 2020

The original pair of Stan and Joe reunite in reviewing a turbulent week for Bristol City. 

Feb 9, 2020

Stanley is joined by Dave and Joe to talk about the disappointing result against Birmingham. Veganism gets a mention, as does the word moist. Harry food returns once again and there were far too many swear words. Hope you're all still enjoying the listen! 

Feb 4, 2020

Stanley is joined by Oscar and Gregor to talk about everything City that has happened over the last several days. It's way longer than normal but honestly I couldn't cut anything else out. Some really funny moments in this one, good craic to be fair. Hope you're all enjoying it, keep sharing it with your City pals!