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One Stream in Bristol

Dec 30, 2020

Dave and Josh join me to see out 2020 in reasonable style. We naturally chat about the defeat to Luton. Why did Bakinson play so poorly? How much are injuries affecting us? What were our highpoint and low point of 2020? How do we wrap up warm in cold conditions?

Dec 27, 2020

Rob and Pete join Stanley to talk through the 2-1 win against Wycombe. We also hear a special segment all about Sam Bell! How happy should we be with the win? Did we get away with it? How much does Rob hate Nahki Wells? Should Fam be starting more? Cheers for listening x

Dec 19, 2020

Dave and Pete join me to discus the poor performance against Preston. Zero shots on goal in that first half, what on earth is that all about? Who have we been disappointed with recently? Was it a penalty? Are we going to try and get tickets for Wycombe?

Dec 16, 2020

Paul and Josh join me to argue about the 2-0 defeat to Millwall. Just what has happened to Massengo? Are we overachieving? Who are we missing through injury? Why is Josh suddenly the beacon of positivity?

Dec 13, 2020

I'm joined by Pete and Rob to discuss the 2-0 loss to Rotherham. God it was woeful! We talk Fish Passports, I spit my drink all over my Spikeball set and there are far too many bleeps. If you're one of the listeners who listens even when we've lost, I appreciate you!