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One Stream in Bristol

Sep 29, 2018

Stanley is joined by Rob and Oscar to discuss the Aston Villa match from Friday night. Rob is hungover, Oscar is just generally useless so expect lots of nonsense! A record is set for bleeps and the discussion topics include Paterson and advertising hoardings among other things. 

Sep 23, 2018

Dave and Joe discuss a crap week for Bristol City.

Sep 16, 2018

Stanley is joined by Dave and first-timer Pete to discuss the 1-0 victory over Sheffield United. They're recording in a pub so expect the sound of crisp packets rustling and the barstaff being busy in the background. If you read this description, tweet me @sehguHyelnatS and say "I read the descriptions". If nobody...

Sep 2, 2018

Joe gave me (Stanley) the job of doing the description for this episode. To be honest OSIB listeners I can’t be bothered. I’m tired and actually a tad drunk on a train to London and the last thing I wanna do is come up with a witty description for this episode. It’s alright I guess. Just listen to it. Tweet me if...